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You have arrived at the best rehab for addiction and alcoholism. Our website contains the answers that you need for just about any type of addiction. Browse the links and the helpful information and then call us right away at the Aurora drug and alcohol rehab. Time is of the essence and we are here right now to help you. Aurora has a population that struggles with alcoholism and substance abuse. Call us now and get the answers you need to have a better life that is free from addiction.


Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Your drinking problem is now a full-blown addiction and you have no idea how you'll be able to kick the habit. You drink all day and most of the night. It's called alcoholism and it is a serious disease. You are now at the point where something has to be done. Call us at the Aurora alcohol rehab and get detoxed and set free from alcohol and its control. You don't have to live a life under the shackles of alcohol.


Drug Rehab Treatment

The following is a factor you should consider before signing up for drug addiction treatment in Aurora:

Variety of Treatment Methods

Not everyone needs the same level of drug addiction treatment, so ensure that the program you sign up for provides adequate recovery management based on your condition. Drug rehab centers in Aurora, Aurora provide:

Inpatient Treatment: You live at a treatment facility while undergoing intensive treatment during the day for up to 3 months. This can also include partial hospitalization for people whose addiction may not be so severe. So they get medical monitoring for 3 to 5 days every week, usually for 4 to 6 hours. Note that some clinics actually require that you go sober before you sign up for rehab. Once you are detoxified, you live in a facility with other sober individuals to stay away from any person or event that may trigger the addiction.

Outpatient Treatment: This does not require you stay at the hospital. However, these programs may require you to devote significant portion of your time several days a week. The benefit of these programs is that you can still attend your daily activities, such as work and school. Outpatient programs are usually for treating relapses.

Counseling: This can be individual or a part of a group, and your family can also take part in this. Counseling is considered the most significant part of drug addiction treatment, and it is suggested that counseling should be used in conjunction with other treatment methods. Counseling can also be used in interventions. This is where the addict is brought to the clinic several times to get education on the dangers of substance abuse.


Substance Abuse Treatment

Treating Xanax Addiction in the Aurora Rehab Center

Xanax, although a prescription drug and helpful in many cases, it can become extremely addictive. It is prescribed to treat anxiety issues and panic disorders because it helps bring peace and calm in a persons mind. A lot of people are becoming addicted to xanax, particularly teenagers. In many cases these same teenagers start selling the drug on school campus to their peers promoting the use of the drug.

Signs and Symptoms of Xanax Addiction and Abuse:

People who become addicted to Xanax start displaying clear signs of changes in every aspect and area of their life. Relationships with the people around them become affected, they ultimate lose interest in their work and everyday life. Other problems could include weight loss, financial difficulties and not paying attention to family needs.

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